Mind Styles

Despite the illusion otherwise, our minds are not our private property. They are wholly a product of the creative commons and are open to the public that makes of them what it will. The Germans have a word for the products of the mind-creating community: Volksgemeinschaft.

Pollock, Portrait-Dream

The artistic mind-crafting proclivities of various communities have varied over time and from place to place: Classism, Romanticism and Realism, for example, have all had their day. Idealism seems to be running hot nowadays.

Back in the 60′s we of the duck-and-cover community who were given to experimentation with psychedelics, tended toward a kind of abstract expressionism: Jackson Pollack’s “drip paintings” come to the somewhat tattered remnants of my mind.

Regrettably, drip painted minds have long since fallen out of style.

NOTE: This post was inspired by Alva Noe’s recent blog entry, “The Mind Is An Open Book“.

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