PSYOPS In America

Did you know that America is in the midst of a violent civil war. The battlefield is your mind.

On his PYSOPS page, Major Ed Rouse (Ret), states:

“Psychological Operations or PSYOP are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals.”

PSYOPS, as defined by Major Rouse, are taking place all around us all of the time. All you need to ask yourself is if the information being conveyed to you by systematic and planned means is intentionally designed to cause you to act in ways you would not have otherwise acted. When you think about it this way, PSYOPS are being conducted in our families, schools, religious institutions and at our places of work. The advertising business is one big PSYOP designed to come between you and your money and to keep you smiling all-the-while. When you think about it this way, our culture itself is one big PSYOP in which we acquire shared language, values, and methods for working together. Effective PYSOPS bring us together as families, communities, and as a nation.

The PSYOP nature of human culture is what holds people together, for better and sometimes for worse, depending on the beliefs and values those communities hold dear, and it is when the beliefs and values held by one community are challenged by another, that PSYOP “warfare” comes into play.

When one PSYOP nation seeks to defeat another PSYOP nation, the bottom line is never material conquest, it is the conquest of the minds of the other PSYOP nation. In other words, it is the conquest of the will of a nation’s people to make a better world — the ultimate show stopper.

Kenneth M. Gould, in his 1943 booklet, “They Got the Blame“, explains how this works:

“Propaganda (i.e. PSYOPS) is … a technique that works below the surface of the mind, warping men’s emotions with fantasies and fears, diverging their thinking toward economic conflicts, political dissension, religious prejudice, until the nation as a whole [is] disintegrated….”

Welcome to the party of NO. Cup of tea, anyone?

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