See you at the barricades

Here’s a film worth watching: Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream – Why Poverty?

This film is quite good, though maybe a bit disjointed. The difficulty with stories like this is that the story tellers try to explain how Capitalism has gone wrong, but the real problem I have come to think, is that Capitalism is not a system that can ever be made right. It is, simply put, WRONG–wrong in its assertions about the nature of human relationships, interactions and motivations, as well as plain wrong in a moral sense. Capitalism is for Capitalists and not for the billions of commoditized human beings who are forced on pain of destitution to sell their labor for whatever they can get and are employed at the whim of the Capitalists who control the means for producing wealth and have the wealth to make the rules.

The weakest part of the film is the discussion of education. The idea that educating more people can fix Capitalism is pernicious nonsense. Educating every American, by whatever measures you want to apply, will not change the underlying dynamics of Capitalism. Left to their own devices, Capitalists’ pyramid of shame is self-reinforcing.

Unless you mean that by more educating more people that more will be able to see and understand that they are being gamed, and that the game is being rigged, in which case we might hope for sufficient numbers with the will to overthrow the Capitalist’s corrupt regime. Should that become the case, I’ll see you at the barricades with torch and pitchfork in hands.

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